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Clean & Professional Chimney Sweep

I am a Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps member and all chimneys are swept as per their code of practice. I use traditional brushes and the latest power sweeping system technology. I have a specialist vacuum cleaner with a triple HEPA filtration system, preventing any soot, dust, or fumes from entering the room. Lined chimneys are also swept using a viper system.

I pride myself on doing a good job. All carpets and furnishings are covered and the fireplace area is sealed to ensure your room is left as clean as when I arrived. Typically it takes approximately 45 minutes to sweep a chimney. All work is completed from the base of the chimney meaning roof access is not required.

I offer free advice and can often suggest a cost effective solution to any chimney problems you may have. I work full time as a Chimney Sweep and only sweep, smoke test and inspect chimneys. I have no vested interest in chimney repairs, fitting stoves or flue liners. This ensures that any advice I give is unbiased and impartial.

An annual chimney sweep is essential to ensure the flue is clean and and free from any obstructions such as birds nests or other blockages. A clean chimney allows fumes and gases to travel up the chimney safely, reducing the risk of a chimney fire or soot fall.
If for whatever reason I am unable to sweep your chimney there will be no charge.

Registered Member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps

As a registered member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, I am fully insured and issue insurance recognised certificates.


Discounts for Multiple Sweeps

Prices start from £50 for a chimney sweep. I offer a discount if you have more than one chimney that needs sweeping in the same property or if you and a friend or neighbour want your chimneys swept on the same day.

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