chimney sweep

Professional Chimney Sweeping

I have been sweeping chimneys for over 10 years. I take pride in my work and enjoy looking after my customers, many of whom year after year.

Appliances I sweep

I sweep all types of appliances including: –

  • Open fires
  • Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves
  • Oil and solid fuel boilers
  • Aga and Rayburn ranges and appliances
  • Gas fires

Lined or unlined chimney

I sweep both lined and unlined chimneys.

Qualified GMCS Chimney Sweep

I am a registered member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps and sweep all chimneys in accordance with their code of practice.

Chimney Sweep Process

A chimney sweep typically takes approximately 45 minutes.I sweep all chimneys using either traditional brushes and rods or the latest power sweeping technology. All chimneys are swept from the base of the chimney opening and access to the roof is not required. I leave your house as clean as when I arrived. I provide sheets that I use to cover furnishings and carpets. I seal around the chimney opening to ensure dust and soot does not enter the room and triple filtration HEPA vacuum ensures there is no mess.

Chimney Inspection and Advice

I will inspect and identify any problems with your chimney. As I have no vested interest in fitting liners, stoves or repairs I can often offer cost effective solutions and advice.

Smoke Draw Test

As part of the service I will carry out a smoke draw test upon completion of a chimney sweep. This ensures that smoke, fumes and hot gases rise safely up the chimney and exit at the top of the flue.

GMCS Certificate

After every chimney sweep the customer is provided with an insurance recognised certificate confirming the chimney is safe to use.

New House Chimney Check

If you have moved in to a new house and do not know the history of the chimney and are uncertain as to whether it is safe to use a chimney check and sweep is essential to ensure there are no blockages within the flue and that the appliance is safe to use.

My Prices

I charge £50 to sweep a chimney. I offer a discount if you have more than one chimney in the same house or if you and neighbour(S) want chimneys sweeping on the same day.

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